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Pioneer in Battery  Storage in Ireland

  • Do You Have Sufficient Generation to Allow You to Go Off Grid?
  • Are You Exporting to the Grid at Low Value Per Unit?
  • Are You Importing from the Grid at High Cost?
  • Store Your Excess Power and Use It Later in Your Home or Business.

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Energy Storage System

For Commercial & Agricultural Use

Battery Storage Plan

Generate more income from wind turbines & Pv panels

Henbo Energy Storage

In 2014 a team of renewable energy experts identified the growing need for a domestic and small business energy storage system. From this interest Henbo Energy Storage Ltd was born. The company was specifically formed to identify, develop and market energy storage systems. These systems are suitable for the management of excess power produced from wind turbines and solar panels. This excess power can be stored during high output terms and best utilised for use during low or zero production periods.

Contact Details:

henbo energy storage logo

57 Culnady Road, Upperlands,

Northern Ireland

BT46 5TN
t: 028 7954 9771

John Henderson
m: 078 251 47 470

Ken Bolton
m: 075 947 51 624

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